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Premium membership opens up a complete range of bonus resources including, Simulated Case Studies, Additional Lessons, End of Course Assessments, Certificates, Awards & Badges along with a Portfolio and Management Reporting.
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Course Assessment

Its great to test your knowledge during a  course, but Premium Members get tracked assessment leading to Certificates

Simulated Case Studies

Nothing brings training to life more that seeing real life recorded consultations within the pharmacy setting and on simulated phone consultations.


Record your achievements with Completion Certificates for both staff recognition and CPD portfolio building

Management Reports

With Premium membership, team reporting is automated with weekly/ monthly or quarterly reports emailed directly to you, with all your staff activity recorded.

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Premium membership opens all a complete new range of resources including Simulated Case Studies, End of Course Assessments, Certificates, Awards and Badges along with multiple self and management reporting.

We also cater for complete teams from small teams of two to large group pharmacies employing hundreds of staff. Send us an email using the link below and we will contact you
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