Frequently asked questions

Is registering with 4Front Pharmacy Online FREE?

Yes, you can now register and review all courses totally free of charge. As new courses are added each month, you will have access to all courses.
Premium membership opens up the Assessments, Certificates and Case Studies, along with providing complete team engagement reports.

If it is Free to register, what is Premium Membership?

Yes you can now look at all courses and enroll in all courses Free of Charge. WE do offer Premium Membership as an option. Upgrading to Premium Membership includes:
  • End of Course Assessments
  • Completion Certificates
  • Bonus Simulated Case Studies
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Automatic Management Reports on Staff Engagement
  • PSI Records of Training
  • CPD Accredited courses

Premium Membership sounds great. What does it cost?

Premium membership costs €49 per year or just€5 per month.
Premium Members have access to all additional content on the site throughout their membership and can complete every assessment or Certificate freely during their time as a Premium member.

Why are all the courses not available?

Over the coming months we will be adding back each course as they are reviewed and updated, in a  seasonable order. Having too many courses on day one can lead to overload, so we are focusing on the most appropriate training that we have on a monthly basis, while updating the courses on our new platform.

Can I get reports on my teams progress?

Yes, the reason we switched platforms was to give more robust easier reporting to managers and owners whose teams are registered with 4Front Pharmacy Online. You can now get Monthly, weekly or daily reports automated and emailed to you to record and assess your teams engagement with training. Automated reporting is only available for Premium members.

What are the benefits of using 4Front Pharmacy Online ?

When you and your team IMPLEMENT the learning from 4Front Pharmacy’s modules, your patients, customers, team members and business benefit through potential
  • 7% turnover increase up to 23% OTC products sales increase
  • >200% increase in WWHAMM implementation in every consultation
  • best practice training, assessment and validation simply and effectively demonstrate a high quality professional governance
  • enhanced staff product knowledge and higher quality customer interactions create consistently safer patient care
  • job satisfaction and retention improves because your team have the tools to deliver better quality service and patient care
  • reduce downtime, as training time is exclusively spent on training (as opposed to travel, shop cover, food and subsistence) resulting in the ability to apply the learning within minutes for the benefit of patients and customer
  • patients needs are more accurately identified and solutions more confidently offered, which improves sales that support self-care
  • empowers staff members to operate to their full scope of practice, freeing up pharmacists to operate to THEIR full scope, which drives innovation, creativity, service excellence and business growth
Most recently we have seen empiric evidence that there is a statistically significant correlation with Increased OTC sales following training with 4Front Pharmacy Online.

All of my staff are trained so why should I register with 4Front Pharmacy?

Even though you may already have highly competent and well-trained staff, new products continuously come to the market and regulations related to specific product sales have changed significantly over recent years. By registering your pharmacy team with 4Front Pharmacy, they will always be up-to-date with new products and regulatory changes It’s easy to forget much of what you have learned after a period of time and with 4Front Pharmacy, you have a reference source at your fingertips 24/7 Pharmacy consultations are integrated into the courses so that you don’t just get the product knowledge, your pharmacy team will learn how to apply the knowledge during a pharmacy consultation. In times of restricted movement and social distancing, traditional training methods are simply not possible. 4Front Pharmacy online can step in and pick up the job of training your staff

What staff grade and experience is it aimed at?

4Front Pharmacy has been designed to cater for every individual on the pharmacy team from the Saturday girl all the way up to Superintendent Pharmacist. Categories include OTC Lessons and Products, Medical Conditions, Business Knowledge and Skills, Pharmacist CPD articles and more.

Do you offer any live training or leadership training?

Yes, 4Front Pharmacy Online works with 4Front Pharmacy Solutions (Rachel Dungan) who works with many teams and pharmacy leaders for deeper training and coaching solutions that might be needed. Rachel can be contacted on this site.