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Essential Pharmacy OTC Products (Part 1 - Analgesics)

In Ireland, analgesics (pain relief medicines) represent the largest segment of OTC Medicines, comprising more than 25% of total OTC Sales.    
Given that the PSI Code of Conduct, PSI Core Competency Framework, PSI Pharmacy Assessment System, PSI Practice Guidance and PSI Patient Charter all require pharmacists to demonstrate 'effective supervision of non-pharmacist staff in relation to non-prescription medicines', this module could not be more important as a foundation to enhance patient experience and empower professional practice. 
Therefore, we recommend this as one of the first modules for New Starters, and a mandatory revision module for all Experienced Staff involved in the sale and supply of ANY OTC medicines.  
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What's included?

  • Introduction to Pharmacology
  • Paracetamol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Codeine

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