COVID 19 Certified

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Certified programme has been developed in response to the global pandemic. Pharmacy staff are in the front line of care and to Protect Employees, Protect Patients and Protect Businesses, 4 Front Pharmacy have developed this series of courses in response to our customer requests. The disease caused by this virus has been called COVID-19 – (for Coronavirus disease identified in 2019) and this is the virus at the epicentre of the current global pandemic.
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What courses are included FREE?

  • What Causes Infections
  • Coronavirus-COVID 19
  • Managing Infections
  • Protecting Staff & Patients from Infections In Community Pharmacy
  • COVID 19-Reducing Transmission in Community Pharmacy

Premium Members also get:

  • Additional Bonus Lessons
  • Course Assessment
  • Certificates
  • Badge Awards
  • Personal Portfolio

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